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According to Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce dated July 11, 2002, JUAN POVEDA LTD informs you that the owner of the website WWW.JPOVEDA.COM is JUAN POVEDA LTD. According to the requirements of Article 10 of the Act, JUAN POVEDA LTD gives the following information: The owner of this website is JUAN POVEDA LTD (Address: 3/F, Guangyehang Building, D1-3, No. 5, Minghua 3rd Street, Jinxiu Road, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, Guangzhou, Postcode: 510730). Company Email Address: info@jpoveda.com, Tel: (86) 20-82223183.

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Those who browse, visit and use JUAN POVEDA LTD’s website will become the website users, and browsing of JUAN POVEDA LTD’s website means the acceptance of all the terms of use set forth herein, without prejudice to the applicability of the corresponding regulations and laws as appropriate.

The website of JUAN POVEDA LTD provides a wide range of information, services and data. The users shall assume the responsibility for the correct use of the website. This responsibility extends to:

The accuracy and legality of the information provided by the user in the form issued by JUAN POVEDA LTD for the purpose of access to certain contents or services offered by the website. The users shall also be responsible for the safe use of the password obtained after the completion of the said form.
The use of information, services and data offered by JUAN POVEDA LTD that is contrary to the provisions of these terms of use, laws, ethnic standards, good practices or public order, or otherwise causes damage to the rights of third parties or the operation of the website.

Linking Policy and Disclaimer

JUAN POVEDA LTD is not responsible for the contents of the web pages which the user can access through the links provided on the website, and states that in no event will it examine or exercise any control over the contents of other pages in the network.

JUAN POVEDA LTD does not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, reliability, validity or legality of the web pages which are not owned by it, but may be accessed through the links on its website.

JUAN POVEDA LTD claims that it has taken all necessary measures to avoid any damage to the users of its website arising from browsing of its website. Consequently, JUAN POVEDA LTD is not responsible for any damage the users may suffer due to website browsing under any circumstances.


JUAN POVEDA LTD reserves the right to amend the contents of its website as appropriate without notice, and the scope of amendment may involve website contents, terms of use of the website and general conditions and conditions of the contract. Such amendments may be made through its company website in any way permitted by law and shall be binding after they are posted on the website and until they are effectively amended once again.

Storage of Cookies

JUAN POVEDA LTD reserves the right to use cookies on its website for easy customization and browsing convenience. Under the premise of following the data protection policy of the company, JUAN POVEDA LTD advises that cookies are associated with anonymous users and their computers, and will not disclose the full names of the users.

The users can configure their browsers to be informed of the receipt of cookies, and may prevent cookies from being installed on their hard drive if settings are made. However, installation of cookies is not a prerequisite for access to the website of JUAN POVEDA LTD.

Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, JUAN POVEDA LTD informs the users of its website that the personal data collected by the company using the form on its website will be stored in an automated file under the responsibility of JUAN POVEDA LTD, so as to facilitate, expedite and fulfill the commitments made by us.

Also, JUAN POVEDA LTD informed the users of its website that they may exercise their rights to access, cancel, rectify and oppose their personal data by letter, and the letter shall be sent to the following address: 3/F, Guangyehang Building, D1-3, No. 5, Minghua 3rd Street, Jinxiu Road, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, Guangzhou, Postcode: 510730. If no requests mentioned above are made by you, we will assume that your data has not been modified, and you agree to notify us of any change and allow us to use such personal data, so as to retain the relationship between us.

Intellectual Property

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Remedies, Governing Law and Jurisdiction

JUAN POVEDA LTD also reserves the right to file civil or criminal actions it deemed appropriate for the misuse of its web pages and contents thereof, or for the breach of these terms of use.

The relationship between the users and JUAN POVEDA LTD shall be governed by the laws of Spain and the courts or tribunals shall be competent to decide on any dispute that may arise between the users and JUAN POVEDA LTD.