Our objective is to keep the environmental sustainability to reduce, reuse and recycle the fabric from 100% recycled materials. The Avantfiber recycled collection comes from fabrics of cotton and polyester made of PET bottles, so it mets all the legal needs, keeping an ecological mindset and promoting initiatives for a better resposibility.
We also met the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), a complete, voluntary and international product standard that sets the requirements for the recycled content certification by third parties. The chain of custody, social and environmental practices, as well as chemical restrictions.


We want to make the world a better place, so we invest our efforts in those who fight for real sustainable production ethics. Therefore, we defend a better environmental commitment for all the textile sector through certificates that guarantee these responsibilities in our products.

Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS works on a responsible manufacturing from collection of raw materials (environmentally and socially) to the labeling. Textiles with GOTS certification bring a trustworthy guarantee for our customers.

Better Cotton Initiative

BCI have the task of helping cotton communities to survive and produce whilst they protect and restore the environment. For the benefit of farms, small farmers and a better product quality.

Seaqual Initiative

Seaqual Initiative is a colaborative community faces the plastic contamination. It works with waste recycling industries and transforms marine debris in SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC so that big brands and manufacturers can create sustainable products.

Inescop Vegan

Inescop Vegan guarantees that the main chemical nature of materials is not linked to animal fibres in whatever form (skins upholstery, leather, silk, wool or down) and hence we obtain 100% vegan articles.
From our collaboration with Primlab we created the new range of articles with added CO2pure. A mineral compound 100% natural with properties such as mineralizing the main greenhouse gases (CO2 & NOx) and removing volatile organic compounds (VOC).


The juanpoveda Group team works with 100% green electrical energy from their machines and facilities.
It is in origin 100% renewable clean energy and contributes to the environmental protection, reducing our manufacturing damages, so it does not generate polluting emissions and greenhose gasses. This way, we help facing the global warming and collaborate with the energy transition while confirming our commitment with sustainability and social responsibility about the environment issues.
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